Upgrade to Drupal 7

As you probably already noticed, I upgraded my blog to Drupal 7.

Went quite well, especially Content Migrate worked really well to bring over my Canada pictures.

I had to disable a few features that dont work yet though, for example my Images and Twitter views and the Views tag cloud.

How to contribute to Drupal

Someone asked my this personally and I thought, instead of answering directly, I could write down what I know in a blog post. Note that this is my personal opinion, you might disagree and are welcome to provide suggestions in the comments.

So you started using Drupal or are already using it for quite some time to create websites. And you want to contribute something back because you can use Drupal and all these modules for free.

Screenshots for Properties module

These are just a few screenshots for the properties project.

Writing automated tests in Drupal 7

I have written quite a few tests now, both for Drupal core and for the contrib modules which I maintain. See http://qa.drupal.org/pifr/test/27300 for example.

Drupalcon Copenhagen

I'm back from DrupalCon Copenhagen and I thought it's time for a more or less short summary of what happened.

Drupal and Privatemsg (a few updates)

My blog has been silent for too long, it's time for some updates!


I am currently on position 15 of the top contributors for Drupal 7. That means that 81 of my patches were commited (which also means that I have written a lot more since many patches usually require multiple iterations until they are good enough). Because of that, I was mentioned in Dries Keynote presentation at DrupalCon SF and some other blogs (german only):

Upcoming release of Privatemsg 1.0

More than a year ago, I needed a module which allows users to send private messages for a newly created Drupal 6 website. So I stumbled over Privatemsg. However, back then, it was an early development release which missed many features, had some bugs and so on. So I decided to help improving it.

7 weeks ago and probably hundreds of patches later (but still no stable release!), litwol made me a co-maintainer of the module which allowed me to commit patches myself.

Sightseeing in Calgary

Yesterday was our last full day in Calgary and we went a bit sightseeing as we hadn't seen much of Calgary so far. First, we went up to the Calgary Tower where you have a nice view over Calgary in all directions. The tower is 191m high and we were able to use two tickets that belong to our Bed & Breakfast, so we saved the 13$ admission.

Later, we visited SAIT, the competitor village to check how their rooms are and how their condition was after the party-night :)

Gold for Web Design and 14 medals for Switzerland

We have the gold medal in Web Design, well done Fabian. Read more about his impressions on his blog (german).

Additional, we do have other 6 gold medals (Offset Printing, Metal Roofing, Stonemasonry, Painting and Decoration, Carpentry and Fashion Technology (best of nation!)), 2 silver (Plastering, Mechanical Engineering Design CAD), bronce (Polymechanics, Electrical Installations, Joinery, IT PC/Network Support and Construction Metal Works) and 16 (2 teams) Medaillons of Excellence!

WorldSkills Day 3 & 4

During the last two days, we could watch how the tasks and projects from the various competitors slowly (and sometimes amazingly fast) came to a finish. It was really interesting but especially today was very exhausting as I wanted to see as much as possible.

It went pretty well for Fabian on the third and fourth day, he had enough time to finish everything. However, it's really hard to compare the different websites as I have seen only bits and pieces of them during the short presentation.


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