WorldSkills Day 2

The second day was quite long, we were in the Stampede Park from around 10am to 7pm and walked around most of the time. It seems to me that visiting is actually more exhausting than competing, atleast physically and in my trade :)

It is getting more and more interesting, you can now actually see something in most trades even though it is hard to say which competitors are doing better than others.

It started to get windy the first time and it is now quite a bit colder than the weeks before but that is actually quite nice.

WorldSkills Day 1

We walked around the competition site the whole day, there wasn't much to see in most of the trades as they have just begun to work on their stuff but it was still interesting. It seems that most of the swiss competitors had a good start, including my successor.

We are now quite tired and are relaxing a bit in our room before we will look for something to eat.

Calgary and Worldskills Opening Ceremony

Yesterday, we arrived in Calgary where I first had to buy a USB extension cable for my successor, as his keyboard cable was too short :) After that and bringing our stuff into our Bed & Breakfast, we had to return our car.

Calm day in Banff

We stayed for a full day in Banff to rest a bit before we go back to Calgary where we will return our car and the competition starts. We have tickes for the opening ceremony, wohooo! :). Still looking for tickets to the closing cerenomy, though...

Apart from taking the Banff Gondola to the Sulphur mountain, a bit shopping and taking a bath in our hotel, we haven't done much, but it was really nice to relax a bit after these busy days we had so far.

From Revelstoke back to Banff

Yesterday, we drove from Kevelstroke back to Banff, our last stop before Calgary. We went through the Glacier & Yoho National Parks and enjoyed two great waterfalls and another lake. We even had to walk 2.4km to one of these falls (and back, of course).

Vancouver to Revelstoke

I hadn't time to write a blog post yesterday, as we traveled the whole day. We choose a different route back to Merrit, so that we could visit Whistler too. It was a very hot day, whith temperatures up to 36° at some places. For a distance of approx 50 kilometres, a whole valley was full of smoke, probably due to a wildfire near, but we haven't actually seen any fire.

Arriving in Merrit, we had a nice barbecue and a short trip to the local pubs.

Vancouver, Day 2

I had a great day yesterday in Vancouver, we were sightseeing the whole day, Vancouver is really a great city!

We started the day by visiting Grouse Mountain, to get there, we had to take: Bus - Skytrain - Seabus - Bus - Superspeed Skyride (If we were in Switzerland, it would simply be called Grouse Gondola, but in Vancouver, that is not enough! :)). Up there, you have a great view over Vancouver, and there are two grizzly bears, a funny Timerjack Show and a Birds Show, which we both visited.


Yesterday, we went back to Vancouver with a ferry. Again, because the first one was already full, we had to wait almost 2h until we could finally go aboard. And then, it took us quite much time to drive through Vancouver and look for a place to stay.

In the later afternoon, we walked a bit through the city, have eaten a burger at Red Robin (where two swiss woman sat directly beneath us) and used the skytrain.

Today, we will probably visit the Grouse Montain, Stanley Park and Vancouver Downtown.

Vancouver Island

We stayed for a day on Vancouver Island, visited some places like the harbour, a lake, a canada airforce museum and a few friends of Adrian. Oh, and I played golf for the first time in my life!

Tomorrow, we will leave the island again and go to Vancouver for two days.

Merrit to Vancouver Island

Yesterday, we traveled from Merrit to Comox on Vancouver Island. Because we went through the Sunshine Coast, it took us pretty much the whole day, as we had to take three ferries and had to wait quite a bit for two of them as we missed the connection to the second ferry.

In Hope, the first town after Merrit we also visited a small lake called Silver Lake.

We started in Merrit around 9am and finally arrived in Comox at 10pm.


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