Clearwater to Merrit

Just a short update today, we drove from Clearwater to Merrit with a short stop in Kamloops. We can use a guest house here, so we don't have to pay for a hotel room :)

Tomorrow, we will drive to Vancouver Island and stay there for a night or two.

Update: Added some photos.

Jasper to Clearwater

Today, we drove from Jasper to Clearwater, totally around 320km, so there are still 480km to go until we reach Vancouver.

We started our day with sightseeing in Jasper and made some beautiful photos from Lake Patrizia and Pyramid, walked through the town and then up to the Old Fort Point, which is a nice lookout where you can see very far in every direction.

After that, we drove along the Yellowhead Highway 16 and 5 and along these routes, there is almost no civilization. A gas station all 60km - 90km and that is pretty much all of it :)

Lake Lousie & Icefield Parkway

Today, we drove from Banff to Jasper and visited a bunch of really interesting places that were on our way. We started our day by driving to Lake Louise on the 1A Parkway through a neverending forest. Then we went to Lake Moraine and Lake Louise, two really beautiful lakes in the mountains nearby.

After that, we continued our journey on the Icefield Parkway, a 230km long road to Jasper and visited some great places like the Bow Lake and Bow Summit (over 2100m above sea), the Columbia Icefields and the Athabascan Falls, a really impressive, 23m high waterfall through a short canyon.

Sightseeing in Banff

Today, we went sightseeing in Banff, where we visited the Lake Minnewaka, the Bow Falls, Hoodoos and the lower Bankhead, ruins of an old coal-mine. Banff is a really nice little town and the mountains and lakes here are really impressive. And I'm saying that as a swiss guy :) Just have a look at the images...

Right now, we are in our hotel room at the "Inns of Banff" and we will take a short bath in the swimming pool soon.

First day in Canada

Yesterday, I started my canada travel by flying to Calgary. Although it was a long flight (9h Zurich to Toronto and then again 4,5h Toronto to Calgary), everything went fine. I was really tired when we finally reached our Hotel and we went to sleep after eating a Teen Burger at A&W.

Attached are a few images.

HowTo: Convert a module to DBTNG

DBTNG is the new database abstraction layer of Drupal 7. It uses several OOP principles and provides far more features than Drupal 6 did.

Most queries need to be slighty changed to work with DBTNG, this blog post will explain some of the most common conversions.

Simple SELECT queries

Most queries don't need much work. Usually, two things need to be done:

Filter DB Extender patch

I've written quite a few patches for Drupal in the last few months, but most of them were either bugfixes or ideas/patches/tasks of others I've taken further.

Recently, I proposed the first patch, that was my own idea :

DBTNG does have the nice concept of Extenders, which are essentially a standardized Decorator pattern. You can use them to provider additional functionality to the SelectQuery class, which can build a SELECT Query with a OOP-QueryBuilder.

Konfigurationsprüfung für PEAR

PEAR ( beinhaltet einige sehr hilfreiche Klassen, kann aber relativ schwierig zu installieren und konfigurieren sein, inbesondere wenn Confix/Plesk oder eine ähnliche Software eingesetzt wird.

Vor einiger Zeit habe ich ein kleines Script erstellt um die Installation zu prüfen und einige Hinweise zur Fehlersuche zu geben.

Da das Script mittlerweile nicht mehr am ursprünglichen Ort verfügbar ist, stelle ich es hier unter der BSD Lizenz zur Verfügung.

Video about WorldSkills Shizuoka 07

Philippe Allenbach ( has created a great video about the WorldSkills 07 (

I've created a smaller version (700MB) of the video and uploaded it to my server for those who haven't yet seen it.


(Chose Save target as.. to save the video on your computer)

Video der Berufsweltmeisterschaft Shizuoka 07

Philippe Allenbach ( hat ein super Video erstellt über die WorldSkills 07 (

Für diejenigen, die das Video noch nicht gesehen haben, haben ich jetzt ein komprimierte Version (700MB) erstellt und auf meinen Server hochgeladen.


(Am besten Rechtsklick > Ziel speichern unter auswählen, ansonsten wird das Video im Browser angezeigt).

Danke Philippe für die Zeit die du in das Video investiert hast und viel Spass beim anschauen!


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