Calgary and Worldskills Opening Ceremony

Yesterday, we arrived in Calgary where I first had to buy a USB extension cable for my successor, as his keyboard cable was too short :) After that and bringing our stuff into our Bed & Breakfast, we had to return our car.

In the evening, we visited the WorldSkills Calgary 2009 Opening Ceremeny and it was great! An awesome show with fireworks, motocross, music, dancing and much more. Compared to that, the Opening Ceremony in Japan was a bad joke :) Well, different strokes for different folks...

During and after the show, I saw a few old friends from our Japan Team and could talk a bit with Fabian Vogler, my successor in the web design trade. I seems to be ready for the competition :)

I will upload a few photos but I haven't many and you can't see that much but I do have ~30min video coverage and I will upload these later on. There are more images on Adrians blog over at

Today, the first day of the competition is about to start and I'm excited to being able to watch all the different trades and competitors...