Drupal and Privatemsg (a few updates)

My blog has been silent for too long, it's time for some updates!


I am currently on position 15 of the top contributors for Drupal 7. That means that 81 of my patches were commited (which also means that I have written a lot more since many patches usually require multiple iterations until they are good enough). Because of that, I was mentioned in Dries Keynote presentation at DrupalCon SF and some other blogs (german only):

Drupal 7 itself is coming along well too, there are 88 Critical issues (D7) left, before it can finally become stable. Currently, I am mainly working on issues to further improve the new database layer. Beneath official support for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite, the community is also working to provide support for Oracle and SQL Server.


I have also worked a lot on Privatemsg. Since the first stable version for Drupal 6, 6.x-1.0 was released, there was a bugfix and only recently, a security fix update.

Work has also started on the 6.x-2.x branch, many new features have already been added and some of them have been ported forward to Privatemsg 7.x-1.x. These features include attachments, Rules integration, many new options to configure privatemsg, a list of blocked users, tagging actions on message listings and many more. There is a roadmap available which lists features I'm still working on. Making messages fieldable is also planned for Drupal 7.

I've also greatly extend test coverage, with over 1000 test assertions and more are coming. Due to that, Privatemsg has been enabled for automated testing, which allows to automatically test patches which are uploaded to the issue queue.

Only recently, I created a demo and a test site for Privatemsg. The first one can be used to test the features of Privatemsg while the second will contain a feature I'm working on and need help testing it. Right now, this is #555016, which allows to send messages to different types of recipients, initially roles and then also organic groups, friends and more.

I can always need help in developing Privatemsg further, be it testing/reviewing of patches, writing patches and documentation. If someone is interested to help, simply pick a patch from the issue queue or contact me.