Upcoming release of Privatemsg 1.0

More than a year ago, I needed a module which allows users to send private messages for a newly created Drupal 6 website. So I stumbled over Privatemsg. However, back then, it was an early development release which missed many features, had some bugs and so on. So I decided to help improving it.

7 weeks ago and probably hundreds of patches later (but still no stable release!), litwol made me a co-maintainer of the module which allowed me to commit patches myself.

So I continued to work on different issues and released a new release shortly after. Finally, I think that Privatemsg is ready for its first stable release for Drupal 6, which will be published tomorrow if nothing unexpected turns up.

Once that is done, development of new features continues on the 6.x-2.x branch and of course on the 7.x-1.x branch. As stated on the project page, I've pledged to release a stable version of Privatemsg for Drupal 7 as soon as Drupal 7 goes stable.

For the 1.x versions, only the following additions are permitted:

  • Bugfixes
  • Better and more tests
  • Translations
  • Minor UI improvements that don't introduce new features

Regarding the 2.x branch, the current plan is to initially ease the commit restrictions a bit and also commit things that are not very well tested. After a while, I'll start to release alpha and beta versions. Once the branch is released as a beta, no new features will be added and the 1.x restrictions will also apply to the 2.x branch as much as possible.