Gold for Web Design and 14 medals for Switzerland

We have the gold medal in Web Design, well done Fabian. Read more about his impressions on his blog (german).

Additional, we do have other 6 gold medals (Offset Printing, Metal Roofing, Stonemasonry, Painting and Decoration, Carpentry and Fashion Technology (best of nation!)), 2 silver (Plastering, Mechanical Engineering Design CAD), bronce (Polymechanics, Electrical Installations, Joinery, IT PC/Network Support and Construction Metal Works) and 16 (2 teams) Medaillons of Excellence!

WorldSkills Day 3 & 4

During the last two days, we could watch how the tasks and projects from the various competitors slowly (and sometimes amazingly fast) came to a finish. It was really interesting but especially today was very exhausting as I wanted to see as much as possible.

It went pretty well for Fabian on the third and fourth day, he had enough time to finish everything. However, it's really hard to compare the different websites as I have seen only bits and pieces of them during the short presentation.

WorldSkills Day 2

The second day was quite long, we were in the Stampede Park from around 10am to 7pm and walked around most of the time. It seems to me that visiting is actually more exhausting than competing, atleast physically and in my trade :)

It is getting more and more interesting, you can now actually see something in most trades even though it is hard to say which competitors are doing better than others.

It started to get windy the first time and it is now quite a bit colder than the weeks before but that is actually quite nice.

WorldSkills Day 1

We walked around the competition site the whole day, there wasn't much to see in most of the trades as they have just begun to work on their stuff but it was still interesting. It seems that most of the swiss competitors had a good start, including my successor.

We are now quite tired and are relaxing a bit in our room before we will look for something to eat.

Calgary and Worldskills Opening Ceremony

Yesterday, we arrived in Calgary where I first had to buy a USB extension cable for my successor, as his keyboard cable was too short :) After that and bringing our stuff into our Bed & Breakfast, we had to return our car.

Video about WorldSkills Shizuoka 07

Philippe Allenbach ( has created a great video about the WorldSkills 07 (

I've created a smaller version (700MB) of the video and uploaded it to my server for those who haven't yet seen it.


(Chose Save target as.. to save the video on your computer)

Video der Berufsweltmeisterschaft Shizuoka 07

Philippe Allenbach ( hat ein super Video erstellt über die WorldSkills 07 (

Für diejenigen, die das Video noch nicht gesehen haben, haben ich jetzt ein komprimierte Version (700MB) erstellt und auf meinen Server hochgeladen.


(Am besten Rechtsklick > Ziel speichern unter auswählen, ansonsten wird das Video im Browser angezeigt).

Danke Philippe für die Zeit die du in das Video investiert hast und viel Spass beim anschauen!

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